In a time when people are too lazy to make it to the stores to shop, many businesses have found it valuable to link their real businesses to their websites. This way, a single company is capable of serving both kinds of customers correctly. However, when it comes to integrating your stores to develop an omnichannel system, you should know that your e-commerce platform is the determining factor. It determines everything, and that is why many businesses in India that are going online prefer using Shopify as their e-commerce platform. That is because this system is fully compatible and can integrate with a wide variety of third-party plug-ins. Some of the reasons why integration is taking over India include;

  • To capture more customers

By having a version of your business represented online, you are expanding your market to a new population. According to research, many companies take their business online because of the endless market opportunity. Remember that when you are doing business online, you are opening your business to the rest of the world and that explains the flourishing shipping business.

  • Offer customers with options

It reaches a point where you may need to be as convenient to your customers as possible. You should also know that in as much as you have old customers, there are also new ones who only enjoy shopping online. Additionally, your loyal customer may not be able to make it to your store, but they require a product that you sell. By having another option for accessing the store which is online, both you and the customer will complete the day satisfied.

  • More payment choices

The moment you integrate your brick and mortar store to its virtual version, you have automatically given your customers more payment choices. You should also know that according to research, customers are more likely to buy if they don’t feel the pinch. That is why many shoppers who pay using cash are less generous. On the other hand, shoppers who pay through other means like smart cards are known for spending handsomely.


If you have not yet gone online with your brick and mortar store, it is essential to know that your business may not make it in India unless the market size you have currently will sustain you now and in the future. You should also know that before you decide to integrate, you need to be prepared with great marketing ideas to give you an easy time to penetrate the market.