When you want to run a successful business today in India, you must consider taking it online. While going digital requires retail system integration, it is essential to know that you will need to have a good e-commerce platform for the job. For most online investors in India, Shopify has been the platform of choice because of the following reasons;

  1. Free hosting

If you don’t know it, if your website is hosted on the wrong servers, you risk losing your business to cyber-attacks. Remember that a site where there is money transaction is prone to hackers. By hosting you on their servers, Shopify ensures that both your business and customers are safe from such attacks. You should also know that Shopify has modified their servers in such a way that they fully support e-commerce. That means, they have special features like undisturbed speed even when your website is crowded with customers during a flash sale.

  1. Easy to integrate into your store and mortar store

One advantage that Shopify has over most e-commerce systems is that it is compatible with so many devices in the world. Whether you need to link it to a smart card reader or a cash register, you have better chances of successful integration with Shopify. Additionally, Shopify has other applications that you can use to develop a customized management system for your integrated retail system. This way, you will be more comfortable keeping everything in check as well as focus on other aspects of your business that will make your customers experience nice.

  1. Free trial period

Since nobody is ready to spend money without confirming the viability of a product or service, Shopify offers a 14-day free trial period. This is one feature that has attracted so many businesses in India to trust and use Shopify. If you are considering taking your business online and you require an excellent e-commerce platform, you can try out the free test period and make your decision based on the kind of experience you will have when you use Shopify.


For many online investors in India, the cheapest platform usually is the right place to start. However, they fail to acknowledge that most of these cheap platforms are limited to expansion and integration. The worst part is that you will have to migrate to a new platform and this can have a bad result to your already established business. To be on the safe side, try out Shopify as it has worked for thousands of Indian websites.